Japanese: The Game – Learn by playing!

Original Core Deck

Original Core Deck

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The Original Core Deck comes with 72 cards and is required to play Japanese: The Game. The box contains everything required for up to two players, including an instruction manual that covers solo, cooperative, and competitive play. This deck will allow players to become familiar with the structure of the Japanese language while also learning a handful of useful vocabulary, enabling them to express basic concepts.

Also included is the Politeness Mini-Expansion, which will familiarize players with basic verb conjugation. Instructions for how to use this expansion are included in the instructions that come with the deck.



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This expansion adds common words and expressions encountered in anime and features art by Wicked Alucard. Included is a paper describing how to make use of the special features of the deck.


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This expansion adds essential vocabulary to the game required to do business in Japan. This is highly recommended to anyone who may be going to the country with business in mind.


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This expansion is recommended for players who are serious about learning the language. It covers how to conjugate verbs and adjectives. Inside are instructions detailing how to use the deck.


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This expansion introduces the players to Japanese monsters. Along with Godzilla and Destroyer, players will learn words such as devour and destroy. This deck is recommended to make the game a little more wacky.

Japanese Food

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This expansion will teach players how to order food at restuarants as well as how to describe food using words like sweet and spicy. Also included are verbs commonly associated with making food and eating it.


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This expansion is essential for any players who are interested in going to Japan. Inside players will learn how to ask where something is as well as words relating to public transportation such as ticket and train.


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